Firm Sponsored Membership


The following firms have 100% membership:


Partner with MassCPAs to support and strengthen the profession in Massachusetts.

Every accounting firm in Massachusetts is a valuable partner of MassCPAs. As our membership grows, so does our ability to represent you and the CPA profession in Massachusetts to legislators, educators, other professions and consumers.

When all of your staff are MassCPAs members, your entire firm and clients gain access to information on issues and trends, a network of talent and resources, as well as a gateway to education, publications, savings and productivity. Being part of the firm-sponsored membership program sets your firm apart from non-member CPA firms.

Program Benefits

  • Savings: Discount on all employees' membership dues with MassCPAs; discounted registration (up to a $80 value) for each MassCPAs CPE seminar and conference; 20% off an on-site CPE course; 10% discount in our Find a CPA Directory; and a variety of savings for your employees on many products and services
  • Convenience: One single dues invoice for all enrolled employees
  • Your Connection to the Profession: One voice in the State House
  • Recognition: Firm-sponsored membership firms are listed online and in SumNews, MassCPAs bi-monthly magazine and are provided with a logo to display on their website and collateral


  • The firm must have at least 10 employees on staff;
  • All certified and non-certified professional staff are required to join the program; and
  • Non-certified professional staff may also include marketing and/or HR personnel.

Contact Amanda Curtis at for more information and to enroll.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does the FSM Program entail?
FSM firms enroll all their certified and non-certified professional staff in exchange for discounted membership dues. At the discretion of the firm, firm administrators, marketing or any other admin staff can be enrolled as well.

What are the benefits of being an FSM firm?

  • Deeply discounted membership rate for certified and non-certified staff
  • Provides an invaluable employee benefit
  • CPE discounts for all staff (including seminars, conferences, in-house CPE and broadcast events)
  • Recognition in SumNews, and MassCPAs social media
  • Single invoice for easy dues renewal
  • Special tax season gifts and exclusive perks throughout the year
  • FSM logo to highlight your participation in the program
  • The firm’s participation supports the growth and sustainability of the accounting profession

What is the annual billing period?
The membership year is May 1 – April 30. The renewal period is May 1 – July 31.

How does the annual billing work?
In preparation for the renewal period, FSM firms will receive a list in March of current MassCPAs members linked to their firms. Firms will review and update their membership list to reflect current employees (employees can be added and removed online). After receiving the list, MassCPAs will update the firm’s record in the database. The firm’s annual dues invoice will be based off the updated list.

The firm will be billed a $25 administration fee (in addition to the dues rate) for each new member who is added to the firm. Current MassCPAs members that have been added to the firm will not be subject to an administration fee.

What are the FSM dues for 2021/2022?
Certified Employees (Fellow Members)

Regular rate: $386
FSM rate: $319

Non-Certified Employees (Associate Members)
Regular rate: $265
FSM rate: $126

Administration Fee: $25 (one-time fee for new Fellow and Association Members)

How do we enroll new employees throughout the year?
If a new staff member joins the firm after the renewal period (May 1 – July 31), the firm can add this employee online or contact Amanda Curtis ( to enroll them. If the employee is not a current MassCPAs member, they will be enrolled in membership and the firm will only be charged a $25 adminitration fee. The firm will not owe dues until the following renewal period.

If a new employee is already a MassCPAs member and has not paid his/her dues, we will adjust the dues to reflect the FSM rate and bill the firm. If the individual is a member and has paid his/her dues, we will link them to the firm.

What if an employee leaves the firm after the renewal period?
The member retains their membership until the next fiscal year. The firm will not receive a refund for this employee.  Memberships cannot be reciprocated to a new employee. However,if the firm adds new staff throughout the year (after the renewal period), they will be added as members and the firm will not have to pay dues (see above).

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