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Protect your hard-earned license from harmful legislation and burdensome regulations.

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MassCPAs Political Action Committee (PAC) supports legislators who work to make Massachusetts an attractive place to grow your business. A key factor in determining the strength of the accounting profession in Massachusetts’ political arena is in the strength of MassCPAs/PAC.


Who runs the PAC?

MassCPAs/PAC is a member-driven committee that operates under the direction of the PAC board of directors.

All funds are distributed in a bipartisan manner to members of the legislature and executive officers who share our views on the CPA profession and the business community.

Join the PAC

You contributions make a huge differerence in our fight to protect your profession. Help us ensure CPAs have a seat at the table for legislative and regulatory discussions by supporting MassCPAs/PAC in one of the following membership categories:


  • Platinum - $200

  • Gold - $100

  • Silver - $50

  • Contributor - $25

PAC Donation

If you prefer, you may mail your gift to:

MassCPAs Political Action Committee
105 Chauncy Street, 10th Floor

Boston, MA 02111 

Massachusetts state law prohibits the acceptance of corporate checks.

Contributions are completely voluntary.

The maximum voluntary individual contribution allowed, per year, in Massachusetts is $500.

To learn more about MassCPAs PAC or MassCPAs legislative efforts, contact Zach Donah at 800.392.6145 ext. 101 or