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2021/2020 Easy Update & Inflation Adjustments With Coronavirus Legislation

Available Until Sunday, April 30


9.00 Credits

Member Price $209.00

Non-Member Price $279.00


This course examines key individual, business, retirement, and estate tax provisions recently enacted or indexed for inflation in an overview format that is easy to reference. The emphasis is on quick access to major tax changes having special meaning to the tax practitioner and return preparer. The course is a great resource and way for professionals and staff alike to easily get the “big chunks” and bring their professional knowledge up to speed.


  • Tax brackets
  • Tax credits
  • Deductions
  • Education credits
  • Business deductions and credits
  • Retirement plan contribution and phaseout limits
  • Gift and estate taxes


  • Recognize the various issues affected by inflation and recent tax law developments especially as they relate to individual tax brackets, exemptions & deductions, the AMT, the child tax credit, alimony, HSAs, education plans, and energy credits.
  • Determine the key business tax issues affected by inflation adjustments and recent legislative changes, including corporate tax rates, entertainment expenses, tax credits & deductions, bonus depreciation, expensing, standard mileage rates, employment taxation, repatriation of foreign income, small business stock, partnership taxation, and excessive compensation.
  • Specify differences between various retirement plans, including inflation-adjusted contribution limits and phaseout limits, and determine estate taxes by identifying trust income tax rates and determining applicable exclusion amounts.

Non-Member Price $279.00

Member Price $209.00