"Perspectives on a Changing Profession" Virtual Educators Conference

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Liz Barentzen

Liz Barentzen is the Vice President, Operations and Talent Initiatives at the Center for Audit Quality, where she oversees day-to-day and long-term strategic operations, as well as leads and advances strategic profession-wide initiatives to attract and retain talent. Previously, Barentzen was the Chief Culture Officer at Sol Systems LLC, a national solar finance, investment and development firm. In that role she worked to drive organizational effectiveness and helped manage change through a rapid period of growth, while overseeing all recruitment, learning, and retention initiatives. Prior to Sol Systems, Barentzen was the Director of Workforce Relations at the Overseas Private Investment Corporation, where she served as strategic and legal counsel to management and oversaw training and development, HRIS, benefits, total rewards, HR administration, performance management, and internal investigations. Barentzen has 20 years of experience in Human Capital and is an Associate Certified Coach through the Georgetown Leadership Coaching program. A member of the New York Bar, she holds a JD from Brooklyn Law School and a BA in psychology from New York University.
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Florence Holland

Dr. Florence Holland is an educator and diversity professional with over 19 years of experience firmly grounded in areas such as diversity, inclusion belonging, underrepresented minority recruitment and retention. She currently serves as the Director of Culture, Diversity and Inclusion at RSM where leads and designs strategic programs to drive the inclusive culture mission for the firm. Prior to joining RSM, Florence served as the Head of Consulting for The Diversity Movement, a North Carolina-based strategic partner that supports organization-wide diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. From 2014-2020, Florence served as the lead manager, pipeline initiatives – diversity and inclusion with the Association of International CPAs. There she managed the Diversity and Inclusion Pipeline Initiative through profession awareness, program development and implementation and research, analysis and reporting. Her work revolved around a profession-wide and profession-funded initiative to improve the quantity and quality of underrepresented minorities in the accounting profession and ultimately securing their CPA licensure. Florence holds a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics with a minor in psychology from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech), a Master’s of Arts in education in educational administration (K–12) from Ball State University, an Executive MBA from Auburn University and a Doctorate of Education in higher education administration from Argosy University, Sarasota where her research focused on the persistence of underrepresented minorities at predominately white institutions.
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Anna Howard

Anna E. Howard, CPA is the Senior Manager of Academic Initiatives at the AICPA. She engages educators to champion the accounting profession and serve as a viable partner in extending reach to the accounting student population. Before joining the AICPA, Anna served as a director of the Master of Science in Accounting program at Nichols College and taught accounting and audit courses at Merrimack College, Great Bay Community College, and the University of New Hampshire. She started her career as an audit associate at PricewaterhouseCoopers and moved to the private industry where she gained expertise in corporate finance, IPO process, SEC reporting, and SOX compliance. Anna received her BBA in Accounting from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst and an MBA from Clark University. She is a member of the Massachusetts Society of CPAs.
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Karen Osterheld

Holly Sullenger

Dr. Holly Sullenger is an award-winning, internationally renowned veteran in the fields of keynote speaking, corporate training, and business systems consulting. She offers expert services in the areas of leadership, professional development, and technology. Dr. Holly has worked with individuals representing a vast array of different occupations and industries. She is known for being able to present high-level topics in ways that make the content easy to understand, to assimilate, and to act on. Dr. Holly’s passions include prompting “light bulb moments” in her participants, and helping professionals stay relevant in their fields.Dr. Holly has a PhD in Adult, Workforce and Continuing Professional Education from NC State University, as well as degrees in Adult Education, Business Management, Computer Science and Liberal Arts. This enables her to combine an in-depth knowledge of business and industry with adult-education techniques and infused humor in order to bring unparalleled knowledge and assistance to those she partners with.
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Jay Zagorsky

I am a cross-disciplinary researcher who has spent over two decades of researching a wide variety of personal wealth topics. I try to explain why some people become rich, others are poor and some move between these two states. I am currently synthesizing this research into a book that presents the results of my academic research and other wealth researchers in an accessible format. Much of my wealth research is based on data gathered from the National Longitudinal Surveys (NLS). These surveys have followed thousands of people from the time they were teenagers until the ends of their lives. I served at Ohio State University for 23 years as the survey’s Research Scientist. Beyond my wealth research, I worked as a big data scientist who investigated numerous issues in education for the Ohio Educational Research Center (OERC). For a number of years in addition to my academic research I have written shorter more popular pieces for magazines, newspapers and websites. I am a writer and columnist for TheConversation.com, an edited website where paid professional journalists work with academics to deliver news and analysis. I am one of the most prolific writer for TheConversation’s U.S. edition, with 107 articles. My articles written for this website have been read by over 5 million people. These articles have been widely republished in places like the Washington Post, Houston Chronicle, Newsweek as well as online in sites like Quartz and Salon. In addition I maintain personal blogs at both Ohio State and Boston University that receive extensive traffic. Beyond my writing for TheConversation I have published articles in the Wall Street Journal, CNN, The Boston Globe, Fast Company and other outlets like The Academic Minute. I have also done an extremely large number of interviews, radio talk shows and television appearances about my academic research, with a search using Google News showing thousands of mentions. Last,, I have taught extensively in both business and liberal arts colleges. My lectures cover a wide variety of economics, statistics, quantitative methods and information system topics. I have taught over 100 full-semester university courses and graded 7,000 college students in classes ranging from giant lectures of over 450 students to small seminars. In addition, I have taught numerous short classes on specialized topics. All my teaching has been rewarded by consistently excellent evaluations and a number of awards. I have also written two textbooks, both as the sole author. One textbook is on macroeconomics and the other is on public data useful for extending computer information systems.
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Friday, Jan 28, 2022 – Friday, Feb 25, 2022
9:00am – 12:15pm

MassCPAs will be holding a virtual educators conference spread over two half days to connect educational leaders, accounting faculty, career services representatives and members of college advisory boards to discuss the pipeline and the profession. You will hear from Dr. Florence Holland, RSM Director of Culture Diversity and Inclusion, on inclusive teaching strategies. A CPA Evolution update will be provided and a presentation on how to continue to strengthen the pipeline and ultimately diversify the profession. There will be opportunities to join break-out sessions for discussion with your counterparts, as learning from one another and sharing best practices has never been more important. 


Friday, January 28  

9:00 - 9:05 am 
Welcome & Opening Remarks

9:05 – 10:20 am 
How to Be an Inclusive Educator
Dr. Florence Holland, RSM 

Diversity. Inclusion. Equity. Belonging. Have you figured out what each of those mean to you as an educator and for your classroom? In this session you will be given applicable resources and leading practices on: 

  • How you as an educator can acknowledge the range of differences in the classroom;  
  • How to teaching for inclusion will signify your embracing of those differences; and 
  • How teaching for equity allows the differences to transform the way you think, teach, learn and act such that all experiences and ways of being are handled with fairness and justice.

10:20 – 10:35 am

10:35 – 11:25 am
How to Manage Stress and Promote Well-being During Change
Dr. Holly Sullenger

We have all heard some form of the quote, "The only constant in life is change (Heraclitus).” However, in today’s world, extreme change seems to continually emerge from all sides, causing stress and impacting productivity. Fortunately, a few intentional steps can help us manage stress and insure our well-being's as well as the well-being of our co-workers and teams. This interactive seminar covers six areas in which we can take small, daily, intentional steps to manage stress and promote well-being. Participants will create an action plan they can use in their own personal and professional lives that will help them to establish a healthy work-life balance. 

11:25 am – 12:15 pm 
The Great Resignation: Workplace Shifts
Dr. Jay Zagorsky

With the highest numbers recorded of people quitting their jobs in 2021, what can academics do to reduce high turnover rates? Learn about trends and shifts in the broader labor market, how it’s affecting the professional services industry and six ideas to help students be successful in a rapidly changing environment.

Friday, Feb 25

9:00 -9:05 am

9:05 – 9:55 am 
What Skills Do Students Need Now?

9:55 – 10:10 am

10:10 – 11:00 am
Keeping Students in the Pipeline
Liz Barentzen, Center of Audit Quality
Karen Osterheld,Center for Advancing Accounting Education

In this session, you will hear about research conducted to better understand the student mindset and perceptions about the profession, with the hope that a more accurate understanding, grounded in qualitative and quantitative data, will yield new insights and actions that will ultimately lead to an increase in a more diverse talent pool. 

11:00 – 11:50 am
The CPA Evolution Update 
Anna Howard, AICPA

During this session, we will discuss the CPA Evolution Initiative:  what it entails, frequently asked questions, how it may impact your college or university and the courses you teach, and resources available to educators.

11:50 am - 12:15 pm
Let's Talk: The CPA Evolution Breakouts

After The CPA Evolution Initiative session, join us in breakout rooms to discuss this initiative with your colleagues and share experiences or ask questions.  


Note: This course has sessions associated with it, please select one topic within each session.


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