Application Process

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Contact Julia Ekelund at the Society,


A PowerPoint presentation explaining all the grant programs is available here.

What is the application process?

  1. Obtain a Certificate of Good Standing from the Massachusetts Department of Revenue. This certificate must be faxed with your online application. 

  2. Identify Training Provider and Course identification number for the online application. You can view a list of the approved MassCPAs' courses here.
    Our provider name is: Massachusetts Society of CPAs

  3. Submit the online application. In this application, you will need to indicate which of the approved MassCPAs courses you have registered for by using the state-issued ID numbers in their database. Please note: organizations applying for funds must pay the total cost of training to be eligible to receive the voucher for up to 100% of training costs.

    On your application, our provider name is: Massachusetts Society of CPAs

  4. You will receive an approval letter and a Massachusetts Standard Contract (with initial submission). You must return the contract within 15 days.

  5. You will then receive a signed contract and payment voucher, and can begin training. No training can start until a contract has been executed and an official start date is estbalished by the Contract and Procurement Department. Any training done prior to an executed contract is not reimbursable.

  6. Following completion of the training, funds will be reimbursed upon verification of completion of training, submission of a copy of the receipt and an evaluation report completed by the attendee. Reimbursement will be made within 30 days/

NOTE: Completed applications must be submitted at least 6 weeks before the anticipated start date of the training.

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