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Why I'm a CPA

September 12, 2022

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As part of MassCPAs work to attract the next generation of CPAs to the profession, we asked members to share why they became a CPA and why they remain one.

“Becoming a CPA was a natural career progression once I began working for a CPA firm. I have taken the effort to maintain my license as it has assisted me in obtaining jobs that would not have been available to me otherwise. I have had more opportunities to advance my career with my CPA designation.” 
— Kit Curnow, CPA  |  Blue Q Corporation

“I knew the CPA certificate would open doors for me, no matter where I ultimately wanted to work. I was with a big CPA firm for 8 years, then a financial firm and, for the last 35 years, as a full-time practice CPA with my own firm. Couldn’t have done it without the CPA certificate!” 
— James Donovan, Jr., CPA  |  Apple & Albano, PC

“CPA is the highest professional designation in the accounting profession, a platinum standard. I wanted to achieve it. I got paid more at every job because I am a CPA. I got jobs I would not otherwise because I am a CPA. I got more respect from colleagues because I am a CPA. On a personal level, it is a source of pride, accomplishment, and inspiration on days of self-doubt.”
— Anna Howard, CPA, CMA  |  AICPA & CIMA

“I became a CPA because I wanted a career that used my skills and enjoyment of working with numbers. I remain a CPA because it is actually a "people business" as opposed to a numbers business. I love helping the small businesses and individuals we work with. Also, the variety in the work keeps it interesting. We work with so many different types of businesses and people that there is really no repetition and no routine to our job.” 
— Maureen Kynoch, CPA  |  Yoshida & Sokolski PC

“In college, I learned that accounting wasn't just bookkeeping, taxes and financial statements. I discovered that there were so many other jobs and fields out there that I could apply my accounting knowledge and skills. I always felt like there was a prestige to becoming a CPA. And now that I am a CPA I have an expertise that I can use to develop and change my career to fit me.”
— Mindi Labella, CPA  |  Labella Solutions LLC

“I became a CPA because I saw it as my ticket to the highest level of management in the companies I worked for during college. I stayed in public accounting because I enjoyed the variety of work and helping management in many organizations achieve their goals.” 
— Tim MacLellan, CPA, CGMA, PFS  |  Morgan & Morgan, PC

“I became a CPA because I love problem-solving. I view the auditing and financial reporting functions as a series of puzzles to be solved. My experience as a CPA led me to many career opportunities that drew on the skill-set I developed in the profession, including a 15-year stint as a full-time clinical professor of accounting. I remain a CPA because I believe I have a lot to give back to the profession - as an educator helping to prepare the next generation of CPAs.”  
— MJ Potvin, CPA, CGMA  |  LGA, LLP

“I’m a CPA because I love the large variety of work! There’s always something to learn and I enjoy the challenge of working with lots of different clients and people.”  
— Deb Rogers, CPA

“Obtaining my CPA was a culmination of all the hard work and determination I put into my career. I did not get it when I was just out of school because I needed to work to support myself. I was the first person in my family to attend college which was already a great feeling, but I knew I needed the professional designation. So, after 2 kids and my MST I passed all 4 parts on my first try. I keep my CPA because I am proud of my accomplishments and proud to be a part of a group of highly ethical, intelligent and supportive people. My “why” is for me and my family to see that goals are important and they can be accomplished with drive and determination.” 
— Jessica Sawyer, CPA, MST  |  Citrin Cooperman