2022 MassCPAs Fitness Challenge


MassCPAs annual Fitness Challenge is designed to help members stay active during tax season and winter! The challenge will run from Tuesday, February 1 and end on Friday, April 15, 2022. Team totals are calculated by average, and teams of up to 50 participants can sign up (individuals are encouraged to sign up as well). Award categories will be based on the following team sizes and we'll also have an overall winner:

Steps are tracked using the Challenge Runner app or by manually inputting them via ChallengeRunner.com.

Race to the IRS!

Participants will begin their journey from MassCPAs office in Boston, making pit stops (waypoints) at the offices of the Connecticut Society of CPAs, the New York Society of CPAs, the New Jersey Society of CPAs, the Pennsylvania Society of CPAs, the Maryland Society of CPAs and finally ending at the IRS office in Washington D.C.! You can view your team's progress on the map on your web browser by selecting the three dots on the Leaderboard and selecting "Map," or in the app by clicking on the Leaderboard and selecting "Map."


Have questions? Check out this FAQ sheet that covers all of the essential information you need to step it up this tax season! 

Step 1: The team captain for each team must sign up by filling out our registration form at masscpas.org/fcsignup.

Step 2: ALL PARTICIPANTS must join the challenge in ChallengeRunner (Again, where your steps will be tracked and you can view your team and other team's progress).

Step 3: Create or join your team in ChallengeRunner.

Already have a ChallengeRunner account or need to create an account? For those of you who have participated in the challenge who have an existing username on ChallengeRunner, follow these steps to manually select your team’s category and create or join a team:

  1. Login
  2. Select 2022 MassCPAs Fitness Challenge
  3. Click your name at the top right:
  4. Select “Profile” 
  5. Select your category (referred to as a “location”):fc
  6. Creating or joining a team: To create or select your team, join the challenge directly by going to masscpas.org/joinchallenge. Once you are officially logged in, you will be directed to a page where you can select a team or create a new team. Please note: If you are competing as an individual, please still create a team/team name for yourself in ChallengeRunner. After joining the challenge with the link above, you'll see the following:

    If you need to skip this option above, you can always select your team later. After having joined the challenge, you can login into your account at anytime and should see the following:

Step 4: Sync your device.

Once again, we’ll be using the ChallengeRunner website/app to calculate your steps and sync with your device. 

You may not think you have a fitness device but if you have an iPhone, the Apple Health app actually tracks your steps every day.

To Sync Your Device:

Note: If you use Apple Health you cannot sync via the website, you must sync via the mobile app. After you create your account, download the ChallengeRunner app from the app store on your phone. Go to your phone’s settings menu and click on “ChallengeRunner.” Click “Enabled.” Go to the app and login using your credentials. After a few minutes the two apps will sync.

How Do I Submit My Step Count Each Day?
You have two options. You can sync your fitness device to automatically send your step count to ChallengeRunner, OR  you can input your data manually each day.

To convert other forms of exercise into steps, refer to this conversion chart.

To Input Data Manually:
Each night before you go to bed check your step counter, log into your ChallengeRunner account and input the number of steps in the empty box next to your name. If you forget to input your steps, you can go back at any given day(s)/time to submit them. Please read these tips to make sure you’re tracking your steps properly:

How Can I See the Number of Steps My Device Logged?

When Is the Challenge Over?
The challenge ends at 11:59 p.m. on Friday, April 15, 2022. We will announce the winners by end of the week and prizes will be awarded!

Last year, we had over 650 participants with 62 teams. To view the winners from last here, click here.

We want to hear about your progress! Take photos of you, your teams or your walking routine and share them with us tagging our @MASocietyofCPAs Twitter handle and using the hashtag #MassCPAsfitnesschallenge. In addition, please send all photos (a beautiful view on a run, anything funny you saw on a afternoon stroll, etc. - have fun with it!) to Hannah Naranjo at hnaranjo@masscpas.org to be included in social media, Friday@Five and SumNews! We'll also be listing the top three teams every week in Friday@Five.

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