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HR Support

Whether you need to update your employee manual or in-depth HR consulting, we can help — so you can focus on your business, not HR!

Human resources (HR) is an important part of success in the complexity of doing business in today’s environment. Unfortunately, the business leaders with the least amount of time are usually shouldering the HR burden. MassCPAs has partnered with Integrated Human Resources, Inc. so members can work directly with HR experts for additional levels of support.

There are three options available:

  1. Create compliant employer documents
  2. Annual compliance
  3. Ongoing HR support available 24/7

Not sure what you need? See below for details:

To get started, reach out to Laurie LaBrie and her team at Integrated Human Resources:

Option 1: MassCPAs Set-up and Documentation Preparation

Step 1: Document creation and process review 

Review all current employee documents and assess needed changes. Create, review and edit the following documents for approval: 

  • Employee Manual
  • Written Information Security Policy
  • Confidentiality Non-Solicitation, Non-Disclosure Agreements

Step 2: Employee document launch meeting and introduction of Integrated Human Resources 

Introduction of Integrated, announce policy changes, conduct WISP training, Sexual Harassment sign-off and answer employee questions. Integrated will process paperwork upon completion of the launch meeting. Launch meeting is included in the cost of document creation. If additional training is requested price will be based on request. Printing and kitting cost: included.

Phase 1 Investment:

  • $2,500 for Employee Manual
  • $ 850 for Written Information Security Plan
  • $850 for Confidentiality, Non-solicitation, Non-disclosure Agreement
Option 2: MassCPAs Annual Employee Meeting (not available without Option 1)

For compliance and best practice reasons, Integrated Human Resources recommends MassCPAs members participate in an Annual Employee Meeting process.

Step 1: Management Meeting

Prior to the employee meeting, we have a management call. This meeting or call lasts up to one hour and is necessary to update policies and set the agenda for the employee meeting.

Step 2: Meeting Preparation

Integrated will update employer documents and create the necessary employee documents for the annual meeting.

Step 3: Annual Employee Meeting

We will conduct the annual employee meeting which lasts about an hour and we will complete all the sign-offs and sign-ins. After the meeting, we’ll process the paperwork and get it into the employee files.

Step 4: Paperwork Wrap-up

After the meeting Integrated will scan the documents to our system and then return them to the HR contact (unless another process is requested).

Phase 2 Investment:

  • $350 for 1-5 employees
  • $550 for 6-11 employees
  • $750 for 12-19 employees
  • Inquire for 20+ employees
Option 3: MassCPAs In-Depth HR Consulting (not available without Options 1 and 2)

Our HR Team is available by phone, email or in-person for in-depth HR consulting as needed, up to 6 hours annually.

Phase 3 Investment:

  • $750.00 per year for up to 6 hours per year

*Please note: If you decide to move forward with Option 1, you may elect phase 2. If you elect Option 2, then HR consulting (Option 3), is available.

Working with Integrated HR has been one of the best business decisions we made in 2021. Laurie and her team are incredibly knowledgeable, professional and easy to work with. They can handle all our HR needs whether it’s revamping our manual, a one-off question or assisting us with our onboarding and hiring process. We are so excited to be able to offer this partnership to our members, so they can benefit from Integrated’ s services.”

— Kara Kieran, CAE  |  COO, MassCPAs