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2023 MassCPAs Wellness Series

January 05, 2023

FREE Wellness Webinars

Prioritize a healthy lifestyle during busy season and beyond! This tax season, we're partnering with Dr. Fanike-Kiara Olugbala Young, an integrative wellness program designer and business profit growth strategist, to provide FREE wellness webinars as part of MassCPAs 2023 Wellness Series for members to explore different approaches that will help prioritize their physical and mental health.

What's more? Each session qualifies for one CPE credit! You can learn more and register for each session below.

Defining Boundaries: The Building Blocks of Work-Life Balance (1/20)

With so many competing demands, have you ever wished you could clone yourself or wondered how others look happy and rested while accomplishing so much? The answer is having healthy boundaries. In this workshop, we will put you on a successful course to setting boundaries so you can have more time for the things you enjoy. Participants will engage in defining their personal boundaries and needs, identify where they can improve boundaries, develop a realistic action plan for implementing limits and more. REGISTER

How to Recognize the Signs to Avoid Burnout (2/24)

Fifty-nine percent of American workers are experiencing at least moderate levels of burnout, but it doesn't have to be that way. Prevention is key, and awareness of the warning signs is even more critical. This workshop will help you measure your likeliness of experiencing burnout, identify the stages of burnout and how to prevent it and develop stress management strategies to continue being a high performer. REGISTER

Minding Your Assets: Improving Your Holistic Health (3/24)

To function at optimal levels, we must care for "all" of ourselves. This means being intentional about our physical and mental health and all our health systems. This workshop will engage you in measuring your satisfaction levels in key areas of life as well as finding ways to improve them. Participants will identify how to decrease the adverse effects of stress and increase personal health, happiness and well-being, explore overall wellness levels of the key areas of life, implement steps to care for the whole person and more. REGISTER

FREE Yoga Week

Remember to take care of YOU during busy season! You are invited to join Bridget Harton Fitness for a free week of fitness classes in February, March and April. Bridget Harton, CPA, is a fellow accountant who started taking online fitness classes as a way to stay active and relieve stress during tax season. These classes fit her busy lifestyle so well that she decided to help spread the joy of movement by instructing fitness classes for others. Her classes range from yoga to Zumba to combo strength/cardio classes with class times in the early morning and late afternoon to accommodate those who are working in the convenience of their own home. Sign up for one class or take all seven! All skill levels are welcome to join, so kick off the New Year and busy season right by taking time for you!

More information along with registration information can be found at Use code TAXSEASON when signing up for classes (schedule below):

  • February 6–12
  • March 6–12
  • April 3–9

MassCPAs Fitness Challenge

In addition to providing free wellness webinars, MassCPAs 7th Annual Fitness Challenge is also an integral part of our 2023 Wellness Series. This friendly competition will run from February 7 – April 18. Gather your coworkers and sign up a team by 11:59 p.m. on Monday, February 6 (Note: please select ONE person to register your team for the challenge and be your team captain).

After your team captain creates your team in ChallengeRunner, each member of your team must also register on ChallengeRunner and join the team. To invite your colleagues, click here.  
Team totals are calculated by average steps with the ChallengeRunner website/app. Teams of up to 50 participants (individuals included) can sign up. Award categories will be based on the following team sizes, and we’ll also have an overall winner:

  • 1 (Individual)
  • 2–10 Team Members
  • 11–20 Team Members
  • 21–30 Team Members
  • 31–50 Team Members

You can learn more about the Fitness Challenge here.