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Meet the New Chair of the Nonprofit Accounting and Auditing Committee

March 02, 2023

The Nonprofit Accounting and Auditing Committee meets monthly to monitor changes in accounting, auditing, tax and regulatory developments as they relate to the nonprofit world, excluding hospitals and nursing homes.

We spoke with new Chair Greg Rogers, CPA, principal at Johnson O’Connor about his background and why he wanted to get involved. To learn more, click here

Greg Rogers, CPA
Principal | Johnson O'Connor

What interested you in becoming chair of the Nonprofit Accounting and Auditing Committee?

I’ve been a member of the committee for about 15 years, and I’ve witnessed and benefitted from the knowledge and leadership of a multitude of committee chairs and co-chairs. I wanted to pay it forward to other committee members by leveraging the experience and expertise I’ve gained in the nonprofit sector throughout my career.

What insight do you hope to bring to the committee from your current role?

I work in partnership with many nonprofit organizations to meet their audit, accounting and tax needs. I hope to utilize my intimate understanding of this industry as chair to help other members serve the needs of their nonprofit clients.

Can you tell us about your leadership experience?

I’ve served as treasurer of multiple nonprofit organizations for approximately 10 years and currently serve as a finance committee member of a large social service agency in Massachusetts. For the past five years, I’ve served as a member of the steering committee for MassCPAs’ Nonprofit Conference, and I’ve also served as president and officer of a Boston-based Toastmasters club.

Is there anything you’d like to say to prospective committee members?

I will work hard to help lead our committee as chair in a way that benefits all members by providing relevant and timely insights into the nonprofit space based on my background and experience. My goal is to facilitate productive meetings that address important topics impacting nonprofit organizations of all sizes.