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Assets, Income and Cash (expanded)

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14.00 Credits

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This course integrates federal taxation with overall financial planning. The course explores tax strategies relating to the central financial tactics of wealth building, capital preservation, and estate distribution. The result is a unified explanation of tax-economics that will permit the tax professional to locate, analyze, and solve financial concerns. Designed to improve the quality of services to clients and the profitability of engagements, this program projects the accountant into the world of financial planning.


• Financial Tax Planning • Building an Estate

Designed For

This program is appropriate for professionals at all organizational levels.


• Identify short-term financial goals and investment purposes, recognize the importance of defining, citing prioritized realistic goals noting how investing allocation changes with age. • Determine the distinctions between tax-free municipal bonds from fringe benefits in generating tax-free income, cite the benefits of tax deferral, and identify tax-deferred investments. • Specify why individuals should take primary responsibility for the investment planning including necessary self-education, determine the allocation of financial resources among investments to maximize return, and recognize the impact of inflation, risk versus return, and basic income tax planning tactics.

Non-Member Price $439.00

Member Price $329.00